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How do I send my impression kit back to you?

All original impression kits have a free returns bag included for you to use to send your completed impressions back to us. Please make sure you have sent photos of your impressions to [email protected], and that we have checked them and confirmed they are good to send before completing the steps below.

1. Place your impressions in the clear medical bag provided

2. Place the medical bag, along with any trays or unused putty in to the returns bag but keep the loose label in your kit separate. This is important as DHL will NOT accept your return without this separate label. Please do NOT put inside the parcel or attach to the parcel!

3. Schedule a DHL collection by visiting . Select your location from the drop down, then click ‘Go’ button.

If accessing via mobile, you then need to click the menu bar and select 'Schedule a Pick Up'. Choose option 'I have a DHL waybill number' and enter this number in the box.

If using on a computer, proceed to select ‘No’ to the question ‘Do you need to create a shipping label’, then select ‘I have a DHL Waybill number’.

You will then need to enter your waybill number which will automatically generate your address for collection.

To locate your Waybill number, look underneath the barcode on the loose label that came with your kit (which also has a red information label attached to it.) See below.

Check & confirm your address, then schedule a collection to suit you.

It’s best that you take your impressions in good time; we can’t accept impression kits that are older than three months.

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