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What are dentures?

What are dentures?

Dentures and partial dentures act as a removable replacement for missing teeth and surrounding tissues.

What are dentures made of?

There are many types of partial dentures and a dental professional will usually recommend which is best to suit your needs. They range from flexible partial dentures made from heat-sensitive plastic; rigid cast metal framed dentures which are more hard wearing; acrylic ‘flipper’ dentures which can be bulky, and a fixed bridge which is exactly as the name suggests.

How much are dentures?

A common question is how much do dentures cost, and the answer will vary depending on the type of denture recommended for you, and the number of missing teeth you have.

As a guide, a full ‘conventional’ top or bottom denture can cost around £1,250 - £2,750 . A full ‘immediate’ top or bottom denture can cost around £1,250 - £2,750.

How much are partial dentures?

Fixed partial dentures cost from up to £5000 for a plate and £10000 for a full set, whereas flexible partial dentures cost up to £1500. Instasmile clip-on veneers cost from £199 per arch, so are £1000’s cheaper.

You will also have to pay for tooth extraction

On top of these costs, you will have to pay an additional cost for any tooth extractions required. Often, your dentist will need to remove one or multiple teeth in order for your dentures to fit properly. The general cost of extraction can be around £100 per tooth.

Instasmile vs partial dentures

Perfect for covering missing teeth, instasmile is a revolutionary, more comfortable alternative to partial dentures that simply clip into place.

Fun-loving, long-term instasmile customer Liz explained that after a car accident which left her having to wear a partial denture, she felt old before her time.

“It’s actually saved me money, because my denture cost me money every 10 or so months. Instasmile is much better and more comfortable, AND it makes my teeth look much whiter and straighter! Lots of people don’t even know I’m wearing my instasmile. They’re the best thing I’ve ever bought.” You can watch more on Liz’s story and see her smile transformation on our Smile Stories page.

  • Instasmile clip-on veneers are cheaper alternative to partial dentures, costing thousands of dollars less.
  • No dentist visits or having to squeeze in appointments, you simply take your own impression at home at a time that suits you to enable us to produce a perfectly bespoke, custom set of clip-on veneers.
  • You can drink and eat most foods without out having to remove your instasmile (depending on which product type you choose), whereas eating with partial dentures is often difficult, especially if the partial denture becomes dislodged during eating. We had one customer with a partial denture that covered part of his palette. After switching to instasmile instead he claimed he could ‘finally enjoy food again!’

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