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Instant Teeth Whitening

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A flawless smile worth sharing

With multiple shades available, we’ve got stained and yellow teeth covered.

Choose a brighter, whiter shade from the instasmile shade guide to get the white teeth you’ve always dreamed of. The material our technicians use doesn’t suffer from fading so, with good care, your smile will stay white.

Considering cosmetic whitening?

Many cosmetic teeth whitening treatments and permanent veneers will damage your natural enamel, meaning your teeth may appear whiter but your natural teeth are not as healthy. Teeth whitening cost can vary, but beware of cheap products that seem too good to be true - they often are and can cause irreversible damage to your teeth.

So what’s the alternative?

instasmile is a revolutionary alternative to going to a teeth whitening dentist or paying for procedures, gels, pastes and toothpastes.

instasmile offers you a brighter, whiter smile that fits perfectly over your existing teeth, covering and protecting the enamel beneath. Not only does it provide yellow teeth instant whitening (no more scheduling in a daily teeth whitening session with disappointing results!), but it also covers chips, cracks, damaged enamel, and natural gaps. And if you have missing or crooked teeth, you can also choose to cover these at the same time, opting for a full, brighter, straighter AND whiter smile. All in one completely custom product. Now that’s clever!

What shades do you offer?

BL1 is our brightest, whitest bleached shade. Also known as ‘Hollywood White’, choose this shade if you want the whitest teeth and the brightest smile. A non-damaging alternative to teeth whitening and teeth bleaching.

A1 gives a whiter shade than your average smile, this is the most naturally white a tooth can be. If you want a gentle whitening effect that is whiter than your natural teeth, choose this shade.

A2 Light ivory is a common colour for teeth that have not undergone any whitening treatment. People opt for this for a subtle transformation if they have slightly stained teeth but don't want a noticeable level of whitening.

A3 Medium ivory is slightly darker than A2 to maintain a natural tone. This is recommended for anyone with highly stained teeth who don’t want whiter teeth. For example, it may be used to hide missing or cracked teeth, for a subtle smile transformation.

Which shade should I choose?

Not everyone’s smile is the same, and that goes for teeth colour too. Whether you would like a whiter smile for special occasions or are looking for clip-on veneers that will match your own teeth for a more subtle transformation, we have an instasmile shade to suit you. Use our shade guide to help you pick the perfect colour.

We also show you what our different veneer shades look like on different complexions and skin tones in our smile profiler. On the homepage, click ‘Get Started’ and answer a few questions to check you are suitable. When it comes to selecting your shade, you can click on the shade description to see an image of someone wearing this shade. Click the arrows on the image to scroll through to see people with different skin tones wearing the shade you’ve selected. Simply click on another shade to view the same for this shade.

Am I a candidate?

Whitening | BL1

Whitening | BL1

Whitening | A1