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An easy guide to taking your self-impressions

Before you begin

We recommend using our new FREE video coaching call service with one of our trained Smile Consultants to ensure you the impression process is taken quickly and as effectively as it can be. Our video coaching service is so effective, that 95% of our customers who have used our service have passed first time. To make an appointment or to attend a clinic give the Customer Service Experience Team a call. We’re open from 8:30 – midnight (GMT) and 6:00am – 6:00pm (Central Time)

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Make sure that your hands are clean, you have access to a mirror and have read the instructions FIRST. Pop the putty* in the fridge for exactly 20 minutes. There is enough putty provided in the kit for you to have a practice go.

Please do not use the impression kit if you have bridgework or are undergoing fixed orthodontic treatment. We also advise against using the impression kit if you have any loose teeth.

In your impression kit you’ll find:

  • Coloured and white impression putty
  • Impression trays
  • Instructions
  • Impression medical bag
  • Freepost return envelope
Take your time and follow our real-time step-by-step video when you take your impressions.


Placing in your mouth

  1. Take one purple and one white putty out of their tubs and place them in the centre of your hand.
  2. Vigorously mix them together for exactly 30 seconds, ensuring one uniform purple colour with no streaks.
  3. Roll into an egg shape and place at the front of the tray (by the handle).
  4. Look in the mirror and open your mouth as wide as you can. Use the mirror to make sure that your teeth are aligned in the centre of the tray, and away from the side walls.
  5. Place both thumbs on the bottom of the tray and push upwards as deep as possible.
  6. Try to get your lip over the top of the tray so we can capture your gumline.
  7. Leave in your mouth for 3 minutes, we recommend resting your elbows on a table to maintain a steady position.

Removing the tray

  1. After three minutes, tap the excess putty at the front of the tray – it should feel firm.
  2. Removing too soon could drag the impression or allow the putty to shrink back after being removed and risk the final product being short.
  3. Once firm, remove the impression in a two step motion, first pulling the tray down, before removing from your mouth.
  4. Upload a photo of your impression to, we will check your impression and confirm it has passed, or give some advice on how to get it right with your 2nd attempt.

Send it back to us

  1. Please check the clear plastic bag has a barcode attached, if it does not please contact us.
  2. Place all trays used in the same plastic bag.
  3. Remove the insert from the impression box to return your impressions.
  4. Please use tracked/recorded delivery or the freepost label (if provided).

We’re here to help with advice & support, we can even offer 1-2-1 video coaching to help walk you through the whole process.

If you are having trouble with your impressions, get in touch with one of our advisors.

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