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Tooth Implants And Instasmiles Affordable Solution

If you have missing teeth that are negatively affecting your confidence and your life, then you probably want to find a solution. A tooth implant is a long term solution that is used to replace missing teeth. They are placed directly into the jawbone, and they become an artificial replacement for the root of your tooth, or even several missing teeth. They are used to support crowns, dentures, and other options and they support them in the same way your tooth roots support your own teeth.

Everybody knows that missing teeth can seriously knock your confidence and self esteem. Not only that, they can leave you struggling to eat and speak. The teeth support the facial structure, so without them there to hold things in place, you may also become unhappy with the way you look. There are many downsides to having missing teeth, and tooth implants are one of the most permanent ways of fixing the problem. They are discreet and long lasting, and your bone will gradually fuse to the implant. This will hold everything firmly in place and a natural look can be achieved. You can have one single tooth implant, or several depending on your needs.

Although an implant is a permanent and effective way of replacing your missing teeth, there are lots of things to remember before you go ahead with the procedure. Here, we’ll talk more about tooth implants, the procedure, the cost, and whether there are any alternatives that you should consider looking into first. Read on if you have been thinking about tooth implants as a way to replace your missing teeth and how instasmile have the affordable solution to improve your smile today!

What is A Tooth Implant?

A tooth implant is a surgical component that is implanted and designed to fuse with the bone of the jaw or skull. They are then used to support a dental prosthesis, such as a denture, bridge, or crown. Implants are used as a fixed alternative to removable dentures. They fuse to the bone, so they are there forever and work in the exact same way as your own tooth roots. They can often be the only option if you have lost many teeth and the mouth has shrunk as a result. This happens to patients all the time and they find that they cannot support dentures. You can use tooth implants to replace just a single tooth or several teeth.

Replacement of all of the parts takes time to prepare. This is to make sure they are the perfect fit for your mouth and that they are going to sit well with your other teeth. You may not be able to get them on your first visit to the dentist, and multiple visits are often required to ensure the perfect result. An implant is not the only way to replace missing teeth. For example:

  • Bridges - these are false teeth fixed onto the existing teeth either side of your missing teeth.

  • Full/partial dentures - false teeth that are attached to a removable metal or plastic framework.

Having a consultation with a reputable dentist is key, as they will be able to assess you thoroughly and figure out the best treatment option for you. Implants are not the right choice for everybody with missing teeth. It can depend on which teeth are missing, as well as what sort of condition your remaining teeth and gums are in.

The main reason people choose this treatment over other treatments is that they are a more permanent option. If you care for the implant properly, they can last as long as your natural teeth. If you want to avoid causing damage to your existing teeth, then implants may be the best option in this case, too. Bridges can sometimes require natural teeth to be cut to fit them.

How Much Are Tooth Implants?

It is well known that the tooth implant cost is harsh on the finances, but with a variety of different private services available, just exactly how much are dental implants? Are there any affordable dental implants? You'll be sad to know that the price of dental implants is rising depending on the types of dental implants.

With several different dental partials, types of dental implants and solutions to tooth loss, there is a wide financial scope ranging from £500-£20,000 with the average cost of dental implants settling at £1,000. In many of these cases, surgery can become a recurring necessity which can break that £20,000 bracket, making tooth implant costs unaffordable for most. For many people, this solution just isn’t an option and can often lead us to giving up on having a perfect smile.

What is The Procedure For Tooth Implants?

The procedure for tooth implants is quite complex in comparison to other dental treatments. To fit an implant, titanium screws are drilled into the jaw bone to support a crown, bridge or denture. The implants will usually be fitted during two separate procedures. During the first procedure, the implant will be fit into the jawbone. The second procedure will take place a few months later and the new tooth will be fitted onto the implant. Local anesthesia is usually required and you will need to visit the dentist’s surgery. If you are particularly anxious, a sedative may be offered to help you relax.

You will likely have stitches after the dental implant is placed, and you must ensure you are careful and follow your dentist’s instructions to the letter afterwards. This is to avoid any micro movements that could jeopardise the implants and render them useless. You’ll also require more surgery if they do move. Eating soft and nutritious foods will ensure the implants stay in the correct place and that you stay healthy following the procedure. The mouth does tend to heal quickly, however, so it shouldn’t be long before you are able to eat the foods you love again.

If, in the rare case you don’t have enough bone to place the implant, you may also need to undergo bone augmentation or grafting. This is more invasive and you will take longer to heal. Most adults are suited to tooth implants providing they have good general health and healthy gums. They aren't suitable for children as the bones are still growing. You may not be suited to tooth implants if:

  • You have had radiotherapy in the jaw
  • You smoke
  • You have diabetes and do not have it under control
  • You suffer with gum disease

Each case is unique, however, so you will need to discuss it with your dentist if you believe you could still be a candidate.

Are There Downsides To Having Tooth Implants?

As with any surgical procedure, there are downsides to having tooth implants. This is a complex, invasive, surgical procedure whichever way you look at it. It requires a healing phase and you will not have the treatment completed in just one visit. It’s also likely to be expensive in comparison to other treatment options, so it will not be suitable for those who want a cost-effective option. In some cases the implants may not heal as they should, and in turn this will require more surgery. While tooth implants can be a suitable solution for some, they are certainly not for everyone.

Are There Any Less Invasive Alternatives To Tooth Implants?

Tooth implants can replace missing teeth and instill a new found confidence in patients, but some would still prefer a more affordable, less invasive solution. Instasmile’s clip on veneers are a simple, affordable solution that can cover missing teeth and other imperfections in a flash. Simply create your mould at home and in no time, you will have a set of clip-on veneers that look like natural teeth. Some of the benefits are as follows:

  • A non surgical solution
  • Pain-free
  • No dentist visits
  • Removable as and when you like
  • Pick your own shade
  • Cover missing teeth and other imperfections
  • Customise your solution to suit your needs

Clip-on veneers can be suitable for a number of different patients. They can be used as a solution for events and photographs, and even used while saving the money to have dental treatments and enjoy a bright, white smile in the meantime. You are able to select your desired shade, whether that’s to suit your smile as it is now or whether you want to go whiter. You can also choose whether to have a top set, bottom set, or both. Ultimately, your clip on veneers are totally customisable and require no dentist visits at all. It is not invasive and it’s something most people can utilise to enjoy a healthy looking smile in a very short amount of time.

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