An Affordable Solution for a Straighter Looking Smile

If crooked or chipped teeth are cramping your style and knocking your confidence, there’s an instant solution that won’t need expensive braces or aligners or a single trip to the dentist. instasmile is a more affordable, convenient and time saving alternative to traditional and clear aligners. You’ll get a straighter looking smile and a huge dose of clip-on confidence!

How to make teeth look straight?

It’s a burning question. Thousands of people type “how do I make my teeth look straight” into their phones and computers every day. In fact, if you’re reading this right now, you’ve probably asked yourself (and the internet) that very question.

The answer can be complicated. It can involve clear aligners or wire braces - teeth straightening procedures that can take months to deliver results. Months of work, multiple dentist appointments, and costs that keep adding up. It could involve expensive permanent veneers that can damage your teeth to tidy up a few imperfections. Or you could simply use affordable, custom-made clip-on veneers from instasmile that’ll give you a straighter looking smile in seconds!

Woman smiling thanks to Instasmile making her teeth look straight
Woman holding Instasmile clip-on veneers

How Does instasmile Give You Straighter Looking Teeth?

Every instasmile product is bespoke to your individual dental profile. We digitally design each solution to ensure you get a straighter looking smile whilst maintaining a natural look

The Alternative To Teeth Straightening

instasmile is much more affordable than clear aligners, wire braces, or other cosmetic teeth straightening procedures, but that’s not all. It’s much more convenient, and it fits around your busy schedule. It delivers instant results with no hassle and no huge price tag:

  • No dentist visits
  • No huge bills
  • No delays
  • No hassle

If you’re ready for straighter and whiter looking smile with no dentist visits, no uncomfortable braces and no lengthy treatments, then you’re ready for instasmile. All that’s left to do is…

Woman showing the alternative to teeth straightening by using instasmile clip-on veneers