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Alternative Solutions for Invisalign

The invisalign retainer is great for people who seek to straighten their natural teeth in a similar way to a traditional brace. When using the invisalign product, you will be given a series of clear retainers that sit over your natural teeth. Over time this will realign your natural teeth giving you that straighter look. Although the end goal can be beneficial, it is a fairly painful process and only fixes the alignment of your natural teeth. The invisalign process aims to straighten your smile and will not be able to provide you with a whiter smile or fill in the gaps or missing teeth..

Invisalign alternative

How much does invisalign cost?

Invisalign price their product depending on the length of the straightening course that you will need to get a straight smile. The price can range from £1,500 to £4,500 which can be financially painful for many and although the end result can look great, it only fixes one problem.

Is there a cheaper alternative?

instasmile on the other hand costs between £200 - £600 which is a fraction of the minimum invisalign cost, making it a more affordable choice that also offers multiple solutions in one - whitening, straightening, covering gaps and missing teeth, and covering chips and cracks. Now it has never been easier to purchase your dream smile through instasmile as we have several 0% interest payment options, so you can spread the cost and pay in a way that is affordable for you. Without requiring regular trips to the dentist or an invisalign specialist, you will also be saving yourself invaluable ‘me’ time as once we have your impression the rest is up to us.

Am I suitable?

Invisalign braces may be suitable for anyone who can afford it and are willing to straighten their natural smile through a series of retainers to achieve their desired level of dental alignment.

Invisalign is not ideal for you if:

  • You have a dental phobia
  • You don’t have the time for multiple visits to an invisalign dentist
  • You can’t afford it or justify the expense
  • You don’t want the uncomfortable feeling of moving your existing teeth over time
  • You want instant results
  • You want to cover missing/chipped/discoloured teeth

instasmile is the ideal invisalign alternative. No changes are required to your natural teeth and the veneers simply fit over your existing teeth and clip into place, giving you a beautifully straighter, whiter, more polished looking smile in an instant.

With no dentist visits and no changes to your dental health, you can order your instasmile veneer from your own home. instasmile is here to fix all three main dental aesthetics issues with one simple, easy to use product. With four different shades, you will be able to have a straight look and fill in gaps or missing teeth in an instant.

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Results Of Our Alternative to Invisalign

Every smile is unique, but seeing one of our customers wearing their instasmile can help you get a feel for how your new perfect smile will look.

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